Friday, May 2, 2008

I Only Got 4 Minutes

I recently watched Madonna's 4 Minutes music video with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and I immediately fell in love with it. Not only is the music really catchy, but the video is better than I expected it to be and very energetic. The dancing and choreography, the props and the set were really fascinating to watch. This music video is possibly one of my favorites of the year so far.

What really caught my eye was Madonna's outfits. They have this edge (which isn't surprising to see from Madonna) and I love how she wore those long black boots! Are those boots or gladiator shoes? They remind me of Balenciaga's shoes from the 08 S/S Collection, except she wore them a lot better.

I've read a lot of comments by other viewers that think her outfits are a complete disaster. Many people find the neude color outfit distracting and unflattering, making her look naked, but I really don't have a problem with it. Or am I just crazy?

Anyway, if you haven't seen the video yet, you better watch it here!

Photo credit: Galerie.Madonna-News


Sam said...

she does have some cute outfits!
i tagged you btw, check out my blog for info!

La Petite Californienne said...

madonna=love. the end
You commented secretista that you are from Alabama? which part? my dad's from Demopolis =]
love the blog, btw

Romany said...

I saw the video clip - and rather loved it too! :)
I'm with you, I think Madonna looks great in the clip. Anyone who says she doesn't look good ever, is just jealous, no? ;)
p.s. Sure I'd love to exchange links. I'll add you right now. :)

e.jay said...

I thought of the same shoes! Hey, we are NSYNC, hahaha! I will link you right now, now that I have my computer back!

Anonymous said...

Si te gusta, sos fan, te agrada o solamente no te agrada para nada. Opina sobre ella, su estilo, su modalidad de vida y el entorno.
Información actualizada cada día..
Agregaremos a links los mejores blogs que se pasen.

Fashion Tidbits said...

thank you so much for your lovely comment. of course let's exchange links, i have added you first already. :D

Anonymous said...

I love how you pay alot of attention to Japanese fashions! I have always been alittle obsessed with anything Japanese. Although I dont usually pay much attention to designers! Lovely blog! Im adding you to my link list right now!

iñaki said...

I love the song, and the video and the choreography and them both!!! haha but even more, the performance of the two in NYC!!! omg
Of course I'll link you! :)


Anonymous said...

Madonna looks incredible, and I am weirdly attracted to this song.

Miss Woo said...

Madge really is incredibly fit, she has a better figure than me and I'm younger!

Vain and Vapid said...

I like her outfit in this one. I think she is wearing a lot of Givenchy RTW for her tour and they are truly one of my favorites.

Hunters Glory said...

Madonna can pulls things off that no one else can...she has always been able to do that!
good song and fun to watch!

Danz said...

I think Madonna looks a lot better at her age than a lot of women look in their 20s...probably me included :S lol. I thought the video for this song was great.

Thanks for visiting my blog and I'd love exchange links. I've already added you!

jenny h. said...

yeah sounds good!

i will add you now :)

Imelda Matt said...

The boots are Givenchy couture I did a massive post on you would expect from the despotic Queen of Shoes.

Doni W. said...

I love this video!

Lets exchange links!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I can't believe she's almost 50!