Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Heidi in Purple

Heidi Klum arrived at the Us 'Hot Hollywood' party the other day in a cute purple mini dress. The dress made by Rami Kashou, runner-up on last season's Project Runway, is adorable, but there's something wrong with the whole outfit. I think Heidi Klum can pull just about anything off, but this time there's something missing.

Maybe if she pulled her hair back into a bun she would've looked better. All I can say is that the bangs are just not working here. She's hiding her beautiful face behind the hair!!!

And maybe a little bit more acccessories would've been better: like a necklace or something... What do you think?


LINDA said...

She's missing clothes - I think that's the problem. The dress just looks unflattering on her. It's pretty, and she's gorgeous, but the two combined isn't lovely at all. D:

And sure, I would love to exchange links. :]

Dania Denise said...

I agree that she needs to have her hair swept up. She could have completed that outfit with a gorgeous necklace or dangling earrings. From the photo the first thing I focus on is her long legs and not so much the dress (but I do love the color of the dress!).

Anonymous said...

She's missing a clutch. She looks as if she doesn't know what to do with her hands in this photo. I love the dress, love the shoes and think her hair is perfect down. Pulling it up would have bared her shoulders and been too much.

Madeleine said...

The hair...she is to beautiful to hide behind this do, for a second she looked like Olivia Newton John 20 years ago.

Great blog

Crispy Banana said...

her hair up would have made it great, in addition to a cute necklace or accessory of some sort. still, shes heidi klum, and with the plainest of ensembles she is still stunning.