Saturday, April 12, 2008

The "It" Bag

This Marc Jacobs bag may not
be an It bag, but it's still fabulous!
Photo credit: Kekka
What is up with brands marketing It bags? From a business point of view, it's genius, but to all of us fashionistas, is it really that important? The whole idea of this It bag is that it's the hottest item of the season, but after the season's over, it's history. What's up with that? To me, I think an It bag should be fashionable at all times, whether the season's over or not. Why use a bag for only 6 months, when you could use it for years? Bottega Veneta's designer, Tomas Maier, says, " I don't like It bags, and we don't do It bags. A bag doesn't become important because you put it in an ad campaign or on the arm of a celebrity or because it's the bag of the season and you say there's a waiting list. That's bullshit. It's just marketing." Right on! I think it's absolutely silly to spend thousands of dollars on a Gucci bag that no one will want to see later. But if that's how some people do it, then so be it.


Angi said...


Like this sounds weird, but I can not stand spending more than $30 on a bag, and I can't imagine spending a grand on a bag.

But I really love the Marc Jacobs bag-it would be a great all year round bag that transitions into the seasons!!

By the way, saw you got a vox account so that you could read my blog and I must say that means so much too me :) I am thinking about getting a blogger blog, if I do I will let you know :)

Harrods Girl said...

I'm not into IT bags myself, but I'm not one to say no to expensive, but somewhat classic and stylish bags, (think Balenciaga motorcycle bag and Chanel 2.55.)

Margherita. said...

Some it bags do transfer nicely out of season, but I know when I will buy designer bags, they will be specifically chosen for being classic.

savvygal said...

I agree. I don't like IT bags as well. A gal should define her own style and looks for things to last a least a couple of season. If I am going to invest a thousand for a handbag, then I expect to use it for a while. After all, we don't have a money tree in the backyard.

La Petite Californienne said...

I hate it bags. What's the fun in having a bag that everyone knows where you got it from and in a few months it will be "so last season" that you won't even carry (or wear if you're lauren conrad) it?

Jessica said...

i'm not into it bags either. i just buy what it think is cute! if it happens to have a logo on it that's ok, but often i think they are a bit too loud and flashy.