Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a guy thing too...

Looks like guys such as my brother
can get obsessed over Gossip Girl
which returns to the screen tonight.
"I would be so embarrassed to be dressed in the clothes Chuck wears!" exclaimed my brother while he was spying me watching an old episode of Gossip Girl. "He wears pink sweaters, bow ties, and bright red pants. And I'm really not digging those colored tights that the girls are wearing... and Jenny's getting pretty annoying."

"Since when did you become a Gossip Girl lover?" I asked him with a huge grin on my face. Looks like I've even made my older - 22 years old to be exact - brother obsessed over one of the hottest shows on TV.

"And by the way, I didn't get to see episode 7, 8, or 9, because you didn't have it in your iTunes library." he added.

My brother's the type to defend himself, but this time around there were no "I watch it because the girls are hot." or "So and so made my watch it." excuses. He genuinely likes the show. Although I was utterly surprised at first, what amazed me even more was the number of men that love the show. Did you know that there's a website run by two men called I Am Chuck Bass which is dedicated to Gossip Girl?

Now that I think about it, Gossip Girl isn't just a show for girls, but it's a show that guys can watch and relate to at the same time. I'm sure many guys have experienced the difficulties with girls that both Nate and Dan have. And even Chuck, the playboy who discovers that he does have a soft-hearted side to him.

Who knows? Maybe your guy friends or even your boyfriend are secretly watching Gossip Girl too and if so they probably can't wait for tonight's much anticipated show! I have been waiting for this episode and nothing's going to stop me from watching it. Not even the season premiere of The Bachelor or The Secret Life of the American Teenager which are both airing at the same time as Gossip Girl tonight. So what are you tuning into?


Ondo Lady said...

OMFG, I am so with you there. I got my good guy friend addicted to GG as well as The OC. He used to scoff at it before and then he watched an episode and was hooked. This is so funny and there is a website on Chuck? I have to check that out.

giggleness said...

ahah yes.
i know so many guys in my class who watch it. :] its so much fun to talk to them about it.
my brothers have seen the entire season 1 but not season 2. :P my younger brother likes it, hes not afraid to admit it. :D haha

hidzume said...

I have to wait until tomorrow cauze I live in holland but I also cant wait <3


allaboutattitude said...

its a really good way to catch up on fashion and life!

Ana said...

Haha thats funny about your brother. I know guys who secretely watch Americas Next Top Model too.

Yours truly said...

Hahhaha i don't wonder why! Gossip Girl is addictive! Great storyline, beautiful characters, great clothes (!), it's no wonder guys watch it too! haha

lisa said...

Gossip Girl ftw!! My 21-year old (soon to be 22!) brother is an unabashed fan as well.

Bella said...

I love this line... "Maybe your guy friends or even your boyfriend are secretly watching Gossip Girl..."


Winnie said...

I love Gossip girl.

Fashion Carnival said...

ohh yes.. tofay, FINALLY we got to see a new episode of our Gossip Girl!

Siska said...

lovely pic!

The Seeker said...

I'm behind because I don't see Gossip Girl, they don't show it here :(((((


MizzJ said...

Haha hilarious! It's funny how girls love various things like colored tights, red lipstick and cowl necks, when I've heard many a man say rather unflattering things about girls who wear those things.

Fashion Therapist said...

That's so funny I knew there were guys that actually enjoyed the show.

disco nap london said...

I must admit that I watch Gossip Girl with the boyfriend and we both love that it fills that OC-shaped hole in our lives.

Unfortunately I can't pretend that my life is anything like theirs but it doesn't stop me drooling over their clothes. Bring on the second part of this season.

Anonymous said...

secret life. it's sooo addicting. that and maybe the city. xxo

KiKi said...

I called up my dad one night and what was he doing but watching an episode of GG that my stepmom had taped(granted he is only 39 so he is still a little hip) I almost died my dad who loves "how its made' and the history channel watching sex lies and drugs lol. I was a huge fan of the books but not so much the show I'm more a 90210 girl now. That might be in part to that the first episde of GG my mom watched with me and I was so embarrsed to be watching som of those senes with my mom that I never really watched it again lol

Allure said...

I truly believe the boys -especially Chuck- in Gossip Girl dress better than the girls.

Dara Katrina said...

ROFLMAO at what your brother said about Chuck Bass and Jenny. I don't think any of my guy friends watch Gossip Girl, but I think its great that guys don't feel excluded from the shows popularity.

Shop Happy said...

I never really got into gossip girls....but all my friends are obsessed. I think I'm going to make an effort to watch tonight and start to get hooked, lol.

I was also wondering if you might want to exchange links with my fashion/shopping blog. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and loooove it! So looking forward to reading more of it. Stop by mine and let me know!


e.jay said...

Haha my brother makes a huge to-do about leaving the room before it starts. But, he is 14.

Trish said...

Awww, I really love Gossip Girl! UGH, like hell!! :)

roxanne said...

i admit i hooked my boyfriend for awhile on the show, i think he's recovering now..

Song of Style said...

def. going to watch GOSSIP GIRL with no doubt!

Secretista said...

My straight guy friend is obsessed with GG!

Anthea said...

Thanks for your comment. I love Gossip Girl but am about 5 episodes behind. Can you buy them on I tunes? That would be amazing! I love Chuck and Blair together..Ooo la la!

She's Dressing Up said...

Ooh now I wonder if any guys I know secretly watch GG!

Anonymous said...

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dapper kid said...

I am definitely a GG addict, and to be honest I would happily have Chuck's wardrobe!!!

Couture Carrie said...

I adore Chuck Bass and his cheeky menswear vibe. GG rocks!


P.S. Thanks for your amazingly sweet compliment - made my day :)


GG is amazing!
the drama!
the wardrobes!

and the acting could be worse

happy 09

Jack Daniel said...

I LOVE Gossip Girl. Not only am I watching it because of the pretty ladies, but also because I just love everything about it....uh.....yeah. :P

I just don't understand why guys have to lie about watching chick-shows. I don't lie about it.

I always say: "I watch chick-shows like SATC, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, just because of the hot ladies. I prefere checking out the hot ladies of Desperate Housewives than sweaty guys trying to break out of prison......That's gay. I love women."

Dana said...

I know, I make my boyfriend watch it with me, and I know deep down he loves it too!

I don't know any man who would dress like Chuck, that's why we all love him!

Blicious said...

hahah! cute post! I love GG! :)

atelier said...

my boyfriend is not watching it, but anyway, I wish he did!

Cory K said...

Chuck's wardrobe, no. But Dan's and Nate's, yes. There's is more downtown, like me.
& Gossip Girl is my lover!

forever & always . cory

The Clothes Horse said...

That's hilarious. I love Chuck, but I agree his wardrobe is embarassing!

Kira Fashion said...

They are great!

about KP, I didn´t know about that...that´s sad...

a kiss!

Copycat Sasha said...

guys at my school love gossip girl as much at the girls do! but they all adore chuck bass and the way he dresses. coloured jeans are very popular with themas well!

deep_in_vogue said...

I can't wait for the new episode, it's embarrassingly addictive :). I have to check out that Chuck website. Now. :) Thanks for the tip, babe!

Anonymous said...








Shaheen said...

It's nice to hear that a GUY actually admitted to like a show like GG despite the male ego.

And oh, I <3 GG.


fashionsüchtig said...

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FAPORT International said...

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kanishk said...

its so much fun to talk to them about it.

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Anonymous said...


fabfashionisto said...

GG is hands down the best and most fashion forward show on is my absolute favorite show! and I know many others who feel the same!

Nanna Freving. said...

Gossip Girl are the best! <3

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Melina said...

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Melina said...

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