Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Don't Exercise To Lose Weight

For the last month I didn't exercise one bit! And it's quite strange for a girl like me, because I love sports and competition. Working out is like a hobby turned into habit and when you break the habit, it's quite awkward.

What I realized in the last month is that even though I didn't train at all, I haven't gained any weight. I didn't change my eating habits either, in fact I might have eaten more during that time. This isn't so surpising to me because I've read many articles about diets and how exercising doesn't affect your weight too much. But I never expected to feel as heavy and sluggish as I did during that period. Although my apperance didn't change, I felt like a big couch potato and I got depressed just thinking about it!

These days I've started my exercise routine a little and boy is it refreshing! The so-called "fat" around my waist that I constantly complained to my sister about magically disappeared and it's like I'm lighter than ever. But when I actually check my weight, nothing's changed and yet again, I'm not surprised.

What I'm ultimately surprised about is how little change in my lifestyle affected the way I felt about myself. I've never thought of exercising as part of a diet plan, but more of a fun thing to do, but never did I think that if I stopped I'd feel bad about myself.

This whole experience showed me how minute changes can control the way your brain thinks and reacts to a situation. My body didn't change a bit, but it's the emotions that got the best of me.

Working out is definitely a stress reliever and energy booster for me. Without it, I'd probably go insane because I'm addicted to it as if it were a drug! I realized that I've exercised all my life not because I wanted to stay skinny, but because it made me feel fresh, healthy, and good about myself. I actually felt guilty about not training, because of my long devotion to it.

And even if I do gain weight, I'll still be happy (well atleast less stressed) as long as I keep up with my workouts.

Photo credit: Miles Aldridge/Style.com


Cate said...

when i exercise, my weight doesn't change either, just my figure gets better and my self-esteem rises. i think it's REALLY REALLY COOL that you don't exercise to lose weight.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i hate to exercise!!i dont do it anymore!!!i do my cardio when im shopping only

Héloïse J. said...

wish i had sports as a hobby. i hate exercising! and i shouldn't :)

glad to link with you

a bientot

Pamcasso said...

I'm glad you posted about this. I get really depressed when I'm not exercising even though I am really lazy about it, it makes little difference in my body (more hot muscles!) but all the difference in my self esteem. Thanks for the reminder, I'm going jogging today!

Trendini said...

hey! Thanks for the comment. I have added you on my blog roll- i love your blog as well!!
and yes, I do agree about exercise- whenever i workout, i never loose weight but I feel good about myself. when i stop working out, i dont gain weight but also feel like a blob! I guess it really is about how you feel vs. how you look :)

Secretista said...

That's so true. I stopped exercising for the last 3-4 months in my school semester and boy do I feel a change. I'm not as energized and my body although some may not notice, I notice a difference. I can't wait to start exercising again.

thesil said...

It´s important do any sports not only in order to loose weight, but to feel better, lighter and have an optimistic mind. And of course I hate cellulitis so I have to work hard in order not to have!

emsie said...

exercise always makes me feel better

& of course we can exchange links

The Clothes Horse said...

I never, never work out. But during final exams I schedule time to exercise--it really elevates my stress and puts me in a much more positive mood.

Hunters Glory said...

Best diet is to eat less and exercise more.

Very good read!

Fashion Tidbits said...

you must tell me the secret of having fun working out???

atelier said...

I stop playing basketball four years ago (when I started the Uni) and I start to gain weight this year... 3 years doing almost nothing (just weekends) and it was ok! Doing sports it's a habit to me too, and you are so right, it's a stress reliever! I miss it so much!! and I've decided next year I'll start playing again. I need it.

Great post, I enjoy reading it;)

Siljesfashion said...

I work out, but its mostly because of back problems that need to be held in check. I love your post as I have had the same feelings soo many times, withouth putting them into words.

evie said...

i'm not very keen on exercise at all although i do feel a little lighter after a yoga class. how i wish i was into sports because i AM a couch potato and i know how unhealthy that is...

bear said...

exercise totally makes me feel better but i have such a hard time finding the time!!!

JuliAM said...

i read an article in vogue about how weight loss doesn't need to involve excersize, but frankly there is a marked physical difference from when i do and don't work out.

Lil Midget said...

it does help to some degree.
exercising increases the metabolic rate so your body burns up what you eat more quickly. and this continues even after you've stopped exercising. you lose more fat and your muscles are more toned and hence use more energy to function.

Iheartfashion said...

You're right about exercise not affecting weight. It's much more of a mental boost for me, but I can go months without doing any cardio and my weight doesn't budge. Also, I've never known anyone who lost (and kept off) weight by joining a gym. I prefer to exercise in the course of my regular life, rather than make a point of exercising for exercise sake.

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