Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That weighs how much??!

I was wondering why my backpack was so heavy, and guess what I found out. I had 3 fashion magazines that weighed 7 pounds! I know you're thinking that that magazines don't weight that much, but in Japan they do! They are extremely heavy for a girl like me! However, the quality of the pages are nice and glossy. But in the end, I prefer the lightness of America's magazines. Personally I like the content of American magazines over Japan's, but the Japanese magazines print beautiful photos that I'd hang on my bedroom walls. I guess there's pros and cons of everything.

There's also a big difference in the size of the American and Japanese magazines. Who would've known that something could get so different?


miss hautttefashion said...

Whenever my relatives go to a different country (places in asia, for example) I always beg for them to bring back magazines!
Anyways, sure let's link. (sorry if it takes a couple of days). I'm surprised that not many bloggers have ads. THey're annoying, but it does give us a profit..
When I visit your blog I'll be sure to visit those oh-so-interesting ads

Molly :] said...

British magazines are painfully small. I prefer larger ones as they take me longer to get through :) Although, as you say carrying them can be painful! :)

And i'd love to exchange links. Your blog is really good! :) xx

Dania Denise said...

Hi! Thanks for the love on my blog! Thanks also for bearing with my often long-winded writing style--it's the journalist in me! You've def got a lot to read and I've got some catching up to do as well but I'm loving what I've been reading so far.

Hey, did you hear about the controversy about the Vogue cover with LeBron and Giselle? People are saying that it is a negative photo because it makes LeBron look like a stereotypical, aggressive black male being possessive of a white woman--people have even gone on to say that it looks like King Kong holding the white damsel in distress! I would love to hear your thoughts on it...better yet,

I would love to see you address this topic in your blog...I may just do the same! Keep up the fabulous job!